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Materials ABS

ABS is used where greater structural integrity is required and is available primarily in two colours, black and white from 1mm to 6mm thick.

ABS is a more expensive option then PVC but offers a more rigid form with a deeper draw, suited for more structurally demanding applications and fixing. ABS is typically used for rocks and items that require a longer lifespan than disposable film sets.


ABS is available in two colours as standard, black and white, however, for larger orders different colours can be sourced. However, if you are looking to finish a moulding yourself as part of a film set then black and white are all that are required.

Fire Retardant

ABS is available in both fire retardant and non fire retardant options with fire retardant ABS being a little more expensive.


ABS can accept water based and spray finishes and is generally made over after manufacture by the respective scenery company. PVC is suited to a wide range of finishing processes such as painting and spraying and is typically finished with water based acrylics buy scenery companies for special effects.

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