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Welcome To A To Z Scenery

Our company has been running since 1997, and over the years has established itself has one of the most reliable companies in our trade. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and bespoke service, catering for our whole range of customers.

We are renowned for our no fuss, no hassle and reliability and have made a impressive reputation. We are the largest Vacuum Forming company for the Film and Television Industry in the World!

Well known companies have and are our clientele including: The BBC, Granada, Prime TV, Sky TV, MTV, London Weekend TV as well as many many more!...

With our knowledge, expertise and technical knowledge, spanning over 22 years in this field, we can make your ideas come to life, limited only by your imagination!

Did you need a job done yesterday?, Are you stuck for help?, Do you want your job done fast and professionally? If the answer is yes, then we are the people for you!

Being manufacturers of Vacuum foaming products for the film, television and Commercial industry, we are the only people you should RELY ON!

You can choose from an impressive selection of plastic thicknesses, textures and colours for any of your vac form work. Any shape, size, object, whatever you want, come to us FIRST! Materials include PVC, ABS, PETG, Acrylic and HIPS.

( Material Drying facilities On Site )

We also supply scenery such as rocks from 6ins to 4ft upwards, which are for hire! Any other types of scenery such as palm trees, busts, statues, leaves, columns etc are also available.

In addition to this we have the experience to do anything in the sheet plastic and plaster fields and supply numerous other props in fibre glass.

We appreciate the fact and know only too well that people like you in the Entertainment industry want things done to the highest standard and ready on time, so you con expect that from us and our customers know it

No-one wants a messed up and scruffy job, so why bother with the inexperienced?, you know where to come! Timing, we are open seven days a week and prices are negotiated due to the fact that there is no set price.

Whatever you require, we can also do all classical vac forms like:-
brickwork, walls, plants, other backgrounds, tiles, icicles, fencing, roof tiles, rock faces, windows, picture frames (available in gold, chrome, clear or silver) any size

Vacuum Forming Bed Sizes From:

  • 300mm x 300mm ( Square )
  • 2000mm x 1000mm
  • Maximum Depth of 600mm
  • Maximum Thickness 8mm
You've got a job you think is too difficult for us? then why don’t you contact us and find out first! If you are interested and want a reliable hassle free Job.

We have a 24hr service, we are experts in our field and have a fast turn around time. Interested?  contact us on the telephone and fax numbers for a free quotation.

A to Z Scenery Ltd - Unit 32 The Business Village - Wexham Road - Slough - Berks - SL2 5HF

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